Feu de paille

  • Adrien Demont (France)
  • Categories
  • Fantasy
  • /
  • Thriller

It is a world that ceaselessly oscillates between reality and alternate history, and the present and past. In fields and woods, in dreams and in stories of children playing at frightening themselves, Adrien Demont touches the unconscious and materializes our anxieties and our buried emotions. Behind a seemingly innocuous holiday story, fear of the unknown lurks and lies in wait for us at every page turn. Fright of childhood dreams, repulsive creatures whose shadows cross the starry night… It is with very delicate touches and precise staging that we follow the protagonist, Joseph, until the edge of our own nightmares. When Joseph and his family put down their suitcases in his childhood home, he was far from imagining his life turning upside down by a screaming poltergeist that appears after dark to streak through the countryside and spy on him from the mountains. In the village, the apparitions of gangly ghosts are on everyone’s lips. Is this a collective hallucination or an anomaly providing proof of movement between different layers of reality? 

272 pages

b&w and color

16.70 x 24.00 cm

ISBN : 978-2-35212-115-2

23.00 €