Freedom Hospital

  • Hamid Sulaiman (Syria)
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A graphic novel in the middle of the Syrian revolution.

Freedom Hospital is the first graphic novel by Hamid Sulaiman, a Syrian visual artist who fled his country and found shelter in France after going underground for a year. He tells us about the beginnings of war in Syria, from the first peace demonstrations in 2012 to the rise of Daesh. This fiction based on true facts focuses on the Freedom Hospital, an underground hospital founded by a peace activist. In this hospital, patients and nursing staff live side by side, reflecting the multifaceted Syrian society : a Kurd, an Alawi, a Franco-Syrian journalist, members of the Free Syrian Army and a radical Islamist, whose relation to each other will evolve as events unfold.

Political commitment, betrayal, alliance reversal and war horror are at the heart of the story of this group of individuals : they are History’s puppets caught in the turmoil of events they have no control over. With this graphic novel staged in an expressionist way, using strong visual contrasts, Hamid Sulaiman shouts his rage against war and calls for love and peace.

Winner of the English Pen Award 2017

288 pages

Black and white

17.00 x 24.00 cm

Softcover with flaps

ISBN : 978-2-36990-224-9

23.00 €

Sold rights: Italy, United States, United Kingdom, Brazil, Germany