• Jean Leclercq (Belgium)

BAM in comic strip’s face ! As comic strip culture keeps on questionning its own codes, Jean Leclercq rams the contemporary graphic scene, almost breaking in it, with much fanfare, using many onomatopoeias. The art brut artist, who never reads but “marks words”, bombs us with highly improbable strips. This deflagration deprives us of any narrative context. Leclercq is a compulsive comics collectioner, a saturday night compulsive drawer, who appropriates his models to throw the beauty of his images in our faces. Go ! Crash ! Bang !! Splash ! Let’s forge ahead into the chaotic and burlesque universe of HUMPF!

440 pages

Full color

17.00 x 22.00 cm

Hardcover with dustjacket

ISBN : 9782390220169

32.00 €

Sold rights: France, Belgium