Ils brûlent, volume 1 : Cendre et Rivière

  • Aniss El Hamouri (France)
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  • Adventure
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  • Fiction

What’s been soiled can be washed.

What was broken can be fixed.

What was hurt can be cured.

But everything that burned,

Will remain forever in ashes.

In a hostile medieval world where a relentless witch hunt is raging, young Georg helps Ongle and Pluie, two strange girls with a traumatic past, to flee the Sanctuary, a prison of the inquisition. Endowed with frightening powers for ordinary mortals and unable to explain their origins, or even who they are, Ongle and Pluie, accompanied by Georg, embark on a desperate wandering through the country. Georg gradually discovers the depth of the after-effects that physical and psychic mistreatment have left Ongle and Pluie and how the quest that he engaged himself into surpasses him. Armed with his kindness and candour, he tries to help them, step by step, to heal.

However, where can we find a safe place in a world that wants them dead? Especially since an implacable inquisitor, named Le Mage, is on their trail and seems able to find them even in their dreams. Will they receive the help of this strange voice from the depths of the forest into which they are inexorably sinking?

Ils brûlent is a mystical and poetic narrative about identity, trauma, the difficulty of healing and about friendship.

It will take place in three volumes.

Volume 2 is announced for autumn 2023.

216 pages

Two colors

18.50 x 26.00 cm

ISBN : 978-2-35212-178-7

20.00 €