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In his previous opus, The Immersion Program, Léo Quievreux had left, in an unspecified place and future, a handful of spies plugged to the EP1 module, this experimental machine designed to search, reveal, and increase memories.

Immersion opens with the trial of Per Esperen, technical director of the “Agency”, who is charged of having manipulated EP1 for his own benefit. What is the point of this trial, however, since Esperen, like his opponent, Agent Bald Man, remains beyond the reach of reality, trapped in the mental space created by his connection with the machine? Having obviously lost control of the program, the highest authorities of the Agency seek to regain control by wiring new spies to the EP1. It is up to Agent 39.5 to follow the Bald Man’s tracks, and it is up to Agents Janet Crispel and Carl Jaeger to track down Per Esperen…

160 pages

Black and white

21.00 x 29.00 cm


ISBN : 9782916383576

23.00 €