La cendre et le trognon

  • Gwenaël Manac’h (France)
  • Categories
  • Fiction

La Cendre et le Trognon follows the journey of Pauline, Okesh, and Sim. They are three young people on the cusp of their adulthood, and each one carries with them the weight of his social and family heritage. Each, in their own way, will deal with or attempt to escape them over the course of a series of adventures and encounters. Their paths cross as they get lost while trying to find their places in today’s world, and find themselves in a city woven from ghost train networks. La Cendre et le Trognon is a tale studded with symbolic elements anchored in a dehumanizing reality. Its young author, Gwanaël Manac’h, speaks the true language of vibrant youth. With insolent graphic virtuosity, La Cendre et le Trogon traces the lines and limits of cultural and social transmissions between generations. In the space between who we choose to be in front of others, and what others can teach us about ourselves, something emerges: Self-image, reflection, and so many parts of what we become. Through romantic relationships, weighty pasts, active rebellions, and post-adolescent shackles Pauline, Okesh, and Sim make us experience both the troubles of the world of tomorrow and the hope on the horizon.

128 pages

Black and white

16.70 x 24.00 cm

ISBN : 978-2-35212-146-6

15.00 €