La dernière cigarette

  • Alex Nikolavitch (France)
  • Marc Botta (France)
  • Categories
  • War
  • /
  • History

November 1943, a battlefield near Kiev: a Russian officer finds himself alone in a shelter in front of a German officer. Faced with the absurdity of their situation, the two men decide to share a peaceful moment. War is not over, and everyone must follow a different path. Caught in the turmoil of a turbulent time in history, what choices can men have?

The story is remarkably illustrated by Marc Botta, using archive materials. Alex Nikolavitch is of Balkan descent, a region of Europe that has suffered many armed conflicts. Here, he shares his take on the absurdity of war.

48 pages

Two colors

16.50 x 24.00 cm

Softcover with flaps

ISBN : 9782847740042

11.20 €