La passion des anabaptistes

  • Ambre (France)
  • David Vandermeulen (France)
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The history of the revolutionary Protestant sectarian movement of Anabaptists of Münster is a true story, although little known, and very rich in meaning. It takes place in Germany from 1493 to 1536, during the time of Luther, Erasmus, and Dürer. Often referred to as proto-communists, the Anabaptists in Münster developed a surprisingly modern ideology of revolution, which draws disturbing similarities to several ideologies of our 20th century. Caught up in the intoxication of their revolutionary actions, the Anabaptists believed they had come close to the pinnacle of political victory. But very quickly everything collapsed, and they were abandoned and deceived by their fellow travelers- the Lutherans. As we know, history consecrated the Lutherans. By retaining the names of Luther and Melanchthon at the expense of the names of Joss Fritz, Thomas Müntzer and Jan van Leiden, History proved right to the revolutionaries who knew how to turn away from radical options, finding it more judicious to come to terms with the dominant political forces.  The real political defeat was suffered by the Anabaptists, who were destroyed for never having wavered.

This book brings together the 3 paperback volumes of Joss Fritz, Thomas Müntzer and Jan van Leiden published in 2010, 2014, and 2017 respectively, which will not be reprinted. 

244 pages

Two colors

24.00 x 31.00 cm

ISBN : 978-2-35212-134-3

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