La petite couronne

  • Gilles Rochier (France)
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  • Autobio

Far from anxiety-provoking headlines to the declaration of the death of peaceful suburban life (according to some politicians), follow our protagonists through their daily life as they move from sports games to errands, from home life to nocturnal outings. They are the fathers and big brothers of their community, but were once the rascals about town. Gilles Rochier has taken us to this world before- back in 2011 he published TMLP (Ta mère la pute) and we watched these very same protagonists as they roamed the streets as angsty teens. Now we see them all grown up and nearly all settled into life as adults, and as the ones who guard their community from mishaps. Almost as surprised as we are, they find daycare has replaced getting arrested in their daily agendas. Gone are the days of seeking out that guy selling hash in the apartment lobby, and if they were to find him… well they’d have a plan to ruin his business. And even if they have the occasional rageful outburst at the local bully they never forget what is important -things like paying for the kids canteen. Time has passed over an entire generation, and at the dawn of his fifties Gilles Rochier dives into the heart of his generation to paint a stunning portrait with plenty of experiences in his pockets and love in his eyes.

Sélection officielle FIBD Angoulême 2018

96 pages

Two colors

21.00 x 27.50 cm


ISBN : 978-2-35212-132-9

16.00 €