Le taureau par les cornes

  • Morvandiau (France)
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  • Autobio
June 2005. At last, a diagnosis: Morvandiau’s mother has frontotemporal dementia, an affliction related to Alzheimer’s.
September 2005. Morvandiau’s son Émile is born premature. He has Down syndrome.
Within a few months, Morvandiau is forced to mourn the mother he knew and the child he was expecting. With reticence and poetry, Morvandiau tells his family’s story: the story of his mother, a very pious woman whose strong personality combines conformism and whimsy, and the story of learning to live with a differently abled child, and its challenges: the way other people see him, the jungle of paperwork to be confronted.

Part of the Sélection Officielle in Angoulême 2020.

152 pages

Black and white

19.00 x 19.00 cm

Softcover with flaps

ISBN : 9782844145871

19.00 €