The Biohardcore Civility Manual

Antoine Boute, Stéphane De Groef et Adrien Herda have understood our contemporary distress and designed for us some turnkey solutions to make the planet harmonious, wild and terribly funny. Biohardcore, in short. In a spirit of free creativity and enjoyable revenge, it is time to destroy the old world, to advance the biohardcore revolution, the DIY Apocalypse. You will free the pigs from their trucks thanks to a strip-tease above the highway, become a minister of transports and turn SUVs into greenhouses, you will fund the revolution by creating a bio aquapark, felt with proletarian tears… and make many more fantasies occur.

Antoine Boute mocks the few references that still save us from madness with his poetical enigmas. His streams of consciousness, looking like mystic revelations and melting metaphysics to a scandalous humor, subvert all kinds of norms. An ethnography of our consumption society is settled progressively, adding to the apparent jokes a deep and sad touch. Readers will have to digest the violence and the obscenity that come out of it, as they do survive their daily burnout.

The drawings of Stéphane de Groef and Adrien Herda are as easy to read as advertisements or emergency instructions, inoculating us against all that is ordinary and vulgar. Family, football, Amazon and bankers are disfigured, reconfigured by simple traits. A pictorial style recycles the confortable hell we live in. In a dream or in a very bad temper, we could be any of these heroes. We are now out of the cavern, ready to make a big mess on earth.


64 pages

Full color

20.00 x 28.00 cm


New edition – Coedited with Tusitala

ISBN : 9791092159240

14.00 €

Sold rights: France, Belgium