• Guillaume Bouzard (France)
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  • Humor

Determined to “hunt the hicks wherever he finds himself in the summer”, a young skinny vacation-goer creates an alter ego of a vengeful superhero. With a volleyball for a mask, and a towel for a cape, Plageman, man of the beach is born! With rednecks in caps, brats with buoys, jellyfish, Macumba bimbos, and goons with headsets everything goes here, and Plageman never tires of taking a beating. Alongside him forms a trusty team of superheroes- Pennak, KingFish, and Super-Jacquot. Together they spend their lofty summer days in their headquarters, at the Beach Bar, and fighting a slew of imaginary foes, from crab to surfer. 

In this masterpiece of humor, with absurd situations and absolute zingers, Guillaume Bouzard made his debut to the public. In 2017, its 20th anniversary was celebrated with a special edition reprint. Inside this high quality canvas hardcover volume you’ll find not only all of the adventures of the hero of the beaches, but a collection of never seen before art of this cult series.

64 pages

Black and white

21.00 x 27.50 cm

ISBN : 978-2-910431-04-4

12.00 €