Retour à Sonora

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How does one define the musical topography of a city? How do drums resonate in the middle of the desert? What about brass and strings? And how does America today treat its musicians? The best way to find out is to put down your suitcase, grab your pen and notebook, and stay for a while. Let the beer and vodka vapors infiltrate your senses as you walk the gritty streets; draw up an inventory of all things prickly and spicy amidst rusty mostel signs and old electoral placards riddled with bullet holes. Tucson Arizona is a town dropped right into the center of the Sonoran Desert. It is well known for producing the trendiest singer-songwriters, such as Howe Gelb, Gabriel Sullivan, Chris Black, Brian Lopez and Billy Sedlmayr. 

Nicolas Moog seats out once again to follow the footsteps of music and America. Two  years after publishing his book My American Diary, he is back in the American Southwest with his wife, with whom he has since started the band Thee Verduns, and their toddler son. They head to Tucson to meet the pool of musicians who reside there. In Retour à Sonora Moog writes in the style of contemporary American comics to capture the essences of 5 musicians, including the legendary Howe Gleb of Giant Sand. Through these illustrated profiles we get to explore through Moogs eyes, the rich and curious city of Tucson.

24.00 x 19.00 cm

ISBN : 978-2-35212-102-2