• Valfret (Belgium)

The talents of riot forces are numerous in Sauvage, going far beyond the regal domain. All they need is love, as they rediscover their bodies, have a luncheon on the grass or practice tobogganing, ballet dance… Living beings express themselves freely under their armours when, as everyone, they eat, urinate, make love, or do all of this at the same time during a forest hike, still equiped with clobbers. Their equipment gets lost in the shadow of the forest, a magical theatre where the human meets the beast inside. But conditioned reflexes and impulses inherited from the civilised world are always somewhere nearby.

The Sauvage painting set is made open sequences, beginning of stories that appeal to the wildest part of our imagination. Riot police units become as pittoresque as the ponds and mountains where they romp, urinate or get married. They become universal figures, crossed by universal violence or momentums of primal fancy. Their clothes and their waste, all the stupid or industrial items that humanity has produced, invade some illustrious paintings, the diverted landscapes of Monet become a battlefield.


72 pages

Full color

21.00 x 26.50 cm

ISBN : 9782390220220

20.00 €

Sold rights: France, Belgium