Spinoza, un kif compliqué

  • Denys Moreau (France)
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  • Humor
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To dissect the founding texts of philosophy is not always an easy task. What is a “scholie”? Or an “axiom”? Denys Moreau plunges us into Spinoza’s Ethics, which he appropriates through a very drawn and very personal interpretation. We flounder alongside him when the reasoning takes an absurd turn, and we experience small epiphanies as he does (largely sprinkled with a healthy dose of humor and a little poetry). Moreau seems to dissect as much the text of Spinoza as the attitude of the contemporary reader. It is certainly full of good will, but often a little overwhelmed by the thoughts of the philosopher. Accustomed to press cartoons, he offers sober and powerful drawings in which he shapes “his” interpretation of Ethics, and confronts his reader’s and Spinoza’s logic, jostling one against the other.

128 pages

Black and white

14.00 x 18.00 cm

ISBN : 978-2-35212-141-1

10.00 €