Tarzan, seigneur des signes

Draw a Tarzan. Go back to the first story: Tarzan’s birth, the death of his parents, the substitution by a monkey of the little human for the baby she has lost, until the death of the dominant ape that Tarzan will replace. Working with the backdrop of Johnny Weissmuller punching crocodiles and lions, with the furious comics of Hogarth, but also with the mediocre supernumerary adaptations of Sagedition…
LL de Mars’ Tarzan traces the genesis of Tarzan as much as the discovery of an old, mute, half-destroyed, fragmentary adaptation of that genesis. In parallel, in a constellation of commentaries in strips, the editorial history of a new version of Tarzan unfolds, which causes a seedy scandal. At least as many voices were needed to return to the world of comics, to its readers, its authors, tearing each other apart over such stupid questions as popular comics/not popular comics, avant-garde/squareness, seriousness of message/need for distraction, etc. While conducting – without worrying about whether his Tarzan is a popular story or not – a classic silent story, for this story that has been told a thousand times, LL de Mars unfolds another story in front of it, which sheds light on it in a chattering and agitated way, in a burlesque mode; he plays between the explanatory mode and its antics, between the serious and the ridiculous, the profane and the sacred.

80 pages

Full color

20.00 x 28.00 cm


ISBN : 9782878272086

18.00 €