Temps mort

  • Gilles Rochier (France)
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  • Autobio

It is important to take time to live life outside the daily grind- to share moments with your family, to renew lost friendships, and to feel passion about things outside the 12-hour work day.

Author Gilles Rochier is at the dawn of his 40th birthday, and decides to quit his job and take a timeout, known as temp mort in french which is the namesake of this book, to look back at the life he nearly forgot to live.

“I tell the story of my depression, my neighborhood, my life, and my relationships. Of the life that has always surrounded me, and which I did not see before.”

Temps Mort is an enjoyable observation, with warm yet somewhat corrosive attention to others, and the author does not spare himself in the reflections.

56 pages

Two colors

21.00 x 27.50 cm

ISBN : 978-2-35212-136-7

13.00 €