Faut faire le milion

  • Gilles Rochier (France)
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  • Autobio

With Faut faire le million, the fourth part of his relentless autofiction, Gilles Rochier goes in hard.

Hard as the time that pierces us, agitated by precariousness and violence…

« We no longer have the arms, legs or even the mind to imagine the best to come, every question becomes an anguish. With poverty as a backdrop, it overflows. You can’t see beyond it, with the fear of being in it up to your neck. We try the old codes, we try to have principles, rules of life to hold the ground. Nothing works.”

Downgraded condition sweeps everything away. To suffer both the pangs of time and the economic crisis, the friendly or romantic relations turn to the tragic, the discussions between friends quickly turn to confrontation. Everyone is barricaded in reassuring illusions. The hope of getting out of it seems to be just a lotto grid or a lousy business. Gilles is not immune to it. Everything irritates him. Everything upstets him.

The sordid death of a childhood friend is the last straw. He’s too old for a good depression and enters into an introspection as one would solve an enigma, seeking the words to say to his deceased friend. Why is he still alive and not his friend ? Between denial, mythomania and failure awareness, this new aspect of neighbourhood life, the anchor of the author’s self-healing work, points its focus with lucidity and realism on the current urban world and the Generation X drowning there.

96 pages

Two colors

21.00 x 28.00 cm

ISBN : 978-2-35212-165-7

18.00 €