• Matthias Lehmann (France)
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  • Illustration

A collection of contemporary drawings somewhere between reality and symbolism, that capture the observation on street life made by Matthias Lehmann as he travels between Europe, The Americas and Africa. Lehmann recreates each moment from memory, quick sketches, blurry photographs, and many other unexpected sources. Forming a sort of “false-photobook” to evoke what the world is like today, from Brazil to Guinea, to Saint-Denis, to the Appalachian Mountains. Wandering around street corners and city parks, Matthias Lehmann collects lists of all he sees: people, clothes, gadgets, street furniture, architecture, as well as the “universal costume” of logos, tags, trash, etc found all over the world. The images are accompanied by commentary by the author in three languages: French, English and Portuguese. To support the sumptuous drawings, the book has an open binding without a spine and is printed in large format (25×36 cm).

48 pages

Full color

25.00 x 36.00 cm

ISBN : 978-2-35212-148-0

25.00 €